Harvest hymns to inspire us

We thought about the words in one of our Harvest hymns and used them to inspire our art work.  We have been very busy completing our Harvest pictures.

Welcome to Class AH (Year 4)

I hope you are looking forward to our learning journey through year 4 and that you are ready for the exciting new challenges ahead

Together we will enjoy topics ranging from The Victorian workhouse and the Chinese dynasties to the science of sound and the human body. We will also have many opportunities throughout the year to use our creative skills to share our learning.

Our main focus this year will be on learning to challenge ourselves and overcome any obstacles, as well as growing in both maturity and spirituality.

Our Christian Values will underpin all that we do in class AH this year.

Mrs Hartley
Class Teacher



Welcome to your New Class

back to school

Going back in time!

Class EF visited Leeds City Museum and we learnt lots of interesting facts about Ancient Egypt. We even saw a real mummy! We now know all about the mummification process, yuk!

Portals to the Past

Class EF had a very interesting and fun day learning all about the Stone Age. ‘Portals To The Past’ workshop came in and taught us lots of new facts to do with life in the Stone Age. By the end of the day the children were experts in how the Stone Age people lived. ‘One of my best ever days at school!’ said one of the children as they were leaving the school hall.

More work from our TASC day!

Class EF had lots of fun taking part in Tasc Day, we played board games and designed our own game. We wrote a set of instructions on how to play each game, all in all a very interesting and enjoyable day with lots of fantastic ideas!

A tasty topic!

As part of their DT topic work Class EF have been designing and making their own sandwiches. The children used lots of different fillings and thought very hard about healthy options, including a lettuce, tuna and cucumber sandwich and ham and carrot, tasty! If you were ordering a sandwich at the Brierley School sandwich shop what would it be?

Linking design technology with our work about WW2

Class EF designed and made their own Air Raid Shelters and had some very creative finished pieces!