Welcome to Class SH (Year 1)


Welcome to your New Class

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Tropical World!

Class MB had a fantastic day of learning and fun at the Tropical Butterfly house this week!  We held a coachroach, scorpion, stick insect and touched a bearded dragon, boa and tenrec! The wild walkthrough, parrot show and lemur talk were great too!

Sh….. what can we hear?

Class MB went on a listening walk around our school, with their extra big ears they listened very carefully and were surprised at all of the different sounds around us. Children playing………  teachers talking……..  dinner ladies cooking and lots and lots of laughter!


Making a great start!

Our FS2 class have settled in well to their new school and have been very busy learning about Fairytales and Autumn. Here are a few photographs to show you just what has been happening in Class MB!