Class EF had a great visit to Eden Camp.

They saw and learnt lots of new things…

Class EF have been thinking about Remembrance day and linking it to the topic of WW2…

They created and made their own poppy, drew one on the computer and then wrote about how the soldier might have been feeling.

The Iron Man has made an appearance in Class EF’s classroom. He has helped us with our writing. 

Class EF have displayed work on their letter writing skills.

We have written formal and informal letter in English this half term. 

Class EF are loving the WW2 topic.


 Here we have displayed writing as an evacuee, all about trying on gas masks and also about how they prepared themselves for the bombing raids.

The art work shows a bombing raid and blackout.

Class EF children were evacuees for the afternoon. 


In Class EF we are dressed up as WW2 evacuees…

We were trying to imagine what it was like for these children as they left their home and loved ones behind.

Class EF have been learning how to write effective instructions.

We were working in groups to create a set of instructions which included as many features as we could. This is in preparation for our BIG write on Friday. 


Hello and welcome to Class EF (Year 3)

We have returned from the Summer break and are now settling down to focus and work hard.

Our aim is to listen well and try our best.

We will be working as a team as together we achieve more.

We will develop our Christian Values and apply these in all we do.

Thank you.

Mrs Fella
Class Teacher